Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Big Green Rewards Program?

Any retail associate 21 years or over and working for a federally licensed firearm dealer can participate. However, at some retail locations there are rules prohibiting staff from participating in rewards programs. When in doubt, please ask your manager before registering.

I work at a major outdoors retailer, am I allowed participating in this program?

Please check with your manager to confirm you are allowed to participate.

Which models qualify for Big Green Rewards?

Qualifying Firearms and Models will be posted on the Big Green Rewards website at:

How many rewards can I receive over the course of the program?

Retail salespersons who sell at least five (5) firearms of a specific model line will earn one free firearm of that model line as outlined in the Reward schedule on A total of three (3) free firearms can be earned per person; (1) R51, (1) RM380, (1) RP9.

Is the date range for eligible purchases defined as the SOLD or RELEASED dates. If in fact it is the sold date, page 3 of the 4473 will not be signed or dated?

For your sale to be counted, all paperwork must be completed by September 1, 2017 - therefore your firearm would need to be RELEASED in a time-frame where it can be signed, dated and submitted by September 1, 2017.

Can I combine my store points across sales reps or across multiple retail locations?

No, this program is intended to support retailer sales people as individuals and the sales are Rewarded to individuals, at one retail location. THE PROGRAM IS NOT INTENDED FOR RETAILER LOCATIONS AS A COMBINED SALES ENTITY. That is neither an objective of the program or within the program rules and regulations.

I often sell firearms over the internet to consumers through transfers or outside our local area. Because of this, our business does not record the 4473 or get an approval number and we are unable to provide a copy of the document for you. Can we utilize another form of verification to receive the Points for this program?

No, our goal for this program is to reward storefront retailer sales reps only. Online sellers who do not execute the transfer and form 4473 cannot be rewarded for sales.

I use the e-4473 offered by the BATF. Am I able to still participate in this program?

Yes, you will just need to send a copy of your printed version of the form. There is no difference between the information collected in the electronic version of the 4473 or the pre-printed version. The output for both is a document that can be copied or photographed and submitted for this program.

How long will it take for my free firearms rewards to ship and be delivered.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the shipment and delivery of Reward firearms.

Can I have my Reward firearms shipped to any FFL dealer and do I have to pay the transfer fees?

Yes, you may have your Reward firearms shipped to any authorized FFL dealer. However, you must submit a copy of that location's FFL prior to shipment. Remington is not responsible for any fees associated with transferring the firearms.

I have sold 5 firearms from a specific model but I can't redeem. My dashboard states a W-9 must be sent. What is this?

A federal W-9 is required before Remington can ship the reward firearm. A W-9 is tax document used when preparing a form 1099 at the end of the year. If a retail associate receives more than $600 in benefit from Remington Big Green Rewards throughout the year, a 1099 must be issued.

I sent in my W-9 but still can't redeem. What is happening?

After you submit a W-9 form, please allow 3-5 business days of email submissions and 10-15 business days for mail submissions for processing before the receipt of the W-9 will be reflected on your account. Once received, we must verify the information is filled out completely and update your account. If you have been waiting longer than the specified time, please contact us.

Why do you need a copy of the FFL where my reward firearm is shipping?

In compliance with ATF regulations on firearms shipping, Remington must verify the recipient of the firearm is a FFL holding firearm dealer. To speed up the redemption process, we ask that the participant provide a copy of the license.

Program valid in United States Only